Challenge the destruction of the fastest speed. This is a easy game but you must try you best. Then you can get the all titles and the best score. ps: please do not do such a thing in the supermarket. This is my first game in App Store. So it is not perfect.If you have any ideas about this game please contact me.


尝试用摧毁食物的方式来发泄心中的不满吧,用咯吱咯吱来发泄郁闷的情绪吧!获取全部头衔,挑战最快的点击速度,还可以在GameCenter中嗮出自己的成绩和全世界的玩家一起挑战最快的点击速度把,ps:请不要在超市做这样的事情哦~ 这是我的第一个上 App Store的游戏,所以很多不完美,如果你对游戏有任何意见,请联系我。

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Kuanger Jafar Sweetbeer Qianer Anbo Nick Summer Afu Jinchao Hanbing Kevan Fly Alron Allen Jessica Hellen

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“很爽。 解压很好的方法。”